Jason A.D. MacDonald

Jason A.D. MacDonald, contrary to his middle initials, was not born in the year of our lord and does not have a messiah complex.  He was born and raised on Hamilton Mountain and moved to Ottawa, Canada, to study journalism at Carleton University, thinking this might be a practical outlet for his love of words (two words: epic mismatch).  After skipping an obscene number of classes, he clued in, transferred programs, and eventually emerged with a master's degree in English literature.  He spent a couple of years squelching the dreams of aspiring writers as editor in chief of the Carleton Arts Review.  Many years and lost hairs later, he found gainful employment (and a new appreciation for Advil) as a project officer with the federal government of Canada.

Writing is one of his first loves (after Mr. Potato Head).  He was introduced to fantasy by his wonderful brother and Dungeon Master and put together his first "book" in grade five: The Mystery of Horror Castle (and a blatant rip-off it was, but it got the hamster in his head running).  His second "publication" was three short stories in an OAC (that's grade 13 to the unwashed) Writer's Craft class compilation called the Mind's Eye.  In the later years of university, he published a handful of poems (yes, poetry, that stuff in Hallmark cards) in a chapbook series called Yield.  In 2006, he lucked his way into the Winter issue of Shimmer Magazine with his short story, "Neighbor" (misspelled at the insistence of the American editors).  He is currently working on a dark fantasy novel with the cheerful working title, Shroud of Tears, which follows the lives of a husband and wife beset by spirits and demons through a land of religious zealotry.